Creating Sustainable Value.

Tau Capital is an investor-operator, specializing in the development of real estate and mining projects.

Operating Since

A demonstrated track record of creating shareholder value

Tau Capital

Our focus is acquiring niche mining & real estate development opportunities.

In operation since 1997

A track record of successful projects over the past 23 years.

Tau’s focus is on projects that need to cross the chasm from conceptual to project completion. The Tau team has a multi-disciplinary approach that addresses all aspects of project development, including planning, project execution, permitting, legal and financial.

Tau’s dynamic team of experienced project developers bring capital, experience and support to both private and public companies in the mining and real estate sector. Our aim is to complete projects following social and environmental practices that are world-class.


In-house Construction & Management Team.

Tau Capital’s In-house team is able to manage construction schedules, activity programming and durations. The team also handles material procurement to maintain completion milestones and quality control.


  • Financial analysis
  • Contract negotiations
  • Value engineering of all aspects of the design
  • Project and Construction Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Structural & Civil Engineering site supervision
  • MEP services site supervision
  • Structural and Civil Engineering design decision making
  • MEP Engineering design decision making
  • Cost management, reporting, estimating, valuation, and control
  • Scheduling
  • Procurement
  • Expediting and logistics management
  • Quality control: Structural, Civil, and MEP services
  • Document and as-built record management